prices last updated: march 26, 2023

notes: The base price includes three minutes of the audio. All prices are listed below are for personal use only and there to give you a ROUGH idea of the cost. The final cost will always be discussed on a case-by-case basis, which allows me to adjust the price based on your ideas for the video.Feel free to contact me ([email protected]) if you want me to make a video that isn't listed below!Before commissioning, please click this.

Simple MV


  • turnaround time: 1-2 weeks (varies)

  • minimal camera movement

  • minimal simple effects and aesthetics

  • simple text animation

  • 1-2 vocalists (more than 2 = $5 per additional vocalist)

Click here for Simple MV playlist

Complex MV


  • turnaround time: 4-10 weeks

  • more scene variation

  • detailed/complex effects and aesthetics

  • complex text animation

  • 3D camera movement

  • 1-4 vocalists (more than 4 = $5 per additional vocalist)

Click here for Complex MV playlist

VTuber Promo/Trailer

$275+ (includes commercial usage)

Price, length, and turnaround time varies depending on your project, so please inquire for a more accurate estimate. The info listed below is typically for VTuber Debut/short promo

  • turnaround time: 2-3 weeks

  • 15-40 seconds

  • detailed/complex effects and aesthetics

  • complex text animation

  • 3D camera movement

Puppet / Rig Animation

$30+ /per character

price varies based on animation complexity and if the art is not separated properly.
please refer to this video for separated art!

  • animated using After Effects (not Live2D)

  • additional fee if you want me to separate the art properly (price depends on complexity)

Other video types

Prices for other types of videos will be decided based case-by-case. Feel free to contact me through Twitter or email to discuss more about other options!

Standard MV

$250 (3 mins)

  • turnaround time: 2-3 weeks

  • little scene variation

  • simple effects and aesthetics

  • simple text animation

  • minimal and simple camera movement

  • 1-2 vocalists (more than 2 = $5 per additional vocalist)

  • tos:

  • Price will increase to half a minute if it is 25+ seconds (ex: 0:25 = 0:30). Price per minute will be halved if it is 30 seconds (ex: $10 per minute: 1 minute 30 seconds = $15). Price will increase to closest minute if it is 40+ seconds (e.g. 1:40 = 2:00)

Click here for Standard MV playlist

price info

  • All prices listed on the site are there to give you a rough idea of the cost. The final cost will be discussed on a case-by-case basis, which allows me to adjust the price based on your ideas.

  • All prices stated are for personal use only. If you would like to have a video created for commercial use, feel free to message me about it and discuss the price (it is usually double the amount).

  • Commercial usage is charged if the product is shown on stream/premieres that receive direct monetary profit through donations, superchats, ads, etc.

  • If you do not see an option that fits what you are looking for, but would like to commission me then you can fill out my commission form. There is an option called "other" to describe your desired video.

  • If I join your chorus battle team, please keep in mind that chorus battles may have the rush fee applied based on the time given to work on the video. Please make sure to plan accordingly.

Video info / Guidelines

  • Videos will be rendered in .mp4, 1920 x 1080 29.97fps

  • Assets (art, mix, script etc.) should be provided before I start working. Art placeholders that have finalized lineart with base colors are OK! Rough mix that has finalized vocals and is timed properly is OK! A script with lyrics, english translation, and credits would be very helpful! You can refer to this for the script lyrics.

  • Let me know if you have any ideas for the video (color palette, themes, etc.)!

  • Rush Fee: Refer to the table below!

Video TypeTime Needed1 Day4 Days7 Days14 Days21 Days
Simple MV1 - 2 weeksX (+100%)+20%---
Complex MV4 - 10 weeksXXX+80%+25%

Click here for my online rush order calculator
" X " means that I am not very willing to complete a project in that small time frame because I may not be available but feel free to message

terms of service


  • The timed mix, art, and script must be provided to start the commission.

  • WIPs and updates will be sent to the client and revisions may be made before the final render.

  • Final render will be in .mp4, 1920 x 1080 29.97fps unless otherwise discussed.

Payment Policy

  • All prices listed are base prices and may be adjusted based on complexity.

  • All payments must be made through invoices provided by me via PayPal.

  • Work will be started once paid in full, unless otherwise discussed prior to invoice delivery.

  • Commercial usage and rush deadlines will have an additional fee.

Refund Policy

  • If the commission has been started there are no refunds. If the commission cannot be completed, the client will receive a refund and deliverables based on current project completion.

  • Continual non-communication may result in project cancellation without refund.

Revision Policy

  • All videos will allow up to 2 free minor revisions. More revisions afterwards will be charged accordingly.

  • Any major revisions will incur an extra fee. If you have a specific idea for the project, please be as detailed as possible with your request before work is started.

Usage Rights and Credit Policy

  • I reserve the right to post completed projects to my website and social media.

  • Credit is required wherever the project deliverables are used. Please credit me like so,
    Video: jozceli (

  • The client agrees to not modify my work without consent and to use project deliverables to create any derivative works, repurposed assets, or for any commercial purposes outside of the initial intended use.

Last updated: February 9, 2023

By commissioning me you are confirming you have read and agree to my Terms of Service (ToS).

how to order

Please send this information to [email protected] for availability and/or an estimated quote.Subject: MOTION GRAPHICS inquiry - [YOUR NAME]Name: If different from the title, please include a name you'd like to be referred as.Social Links: Please add any socials (twitch, youtube, etc).Project Type: List out what type of commission(s) you're looking to request.Project Details: Include a brief overview detailing what you're looking for.Member Request: jozceliBudget: Please include if any.Deadline: Please include if any.Project References: Please include links to music, assets, art, and any other references (story/theme/style etc) needed for your project.